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Using Pintrest as a Fashion Blogger

My newest obsession: Pintrest. It’s a new online community where you can create boards and “pin” images to them. Pretty addicting when you get into it.

A screen shot of my home page.

I’ve been playing around with Pintrest and I found that not only is it fun to use, but there is potential to use the boards and pins specifically as a fashion blogger:

Pinning new posts as a pin.

I use my Fashionista board to pass on new posts, like one about Emma Watson’s stunning gown at the Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere. The great thing about pinning links is that Pintrest lets you pick the photo you want to pin, and then you can add the link to the description.

Boards can become look books

I have a whole board dedicated to Kate Middleton’s style. This essentially is a look book of my favorite Kate looks (which is everything). It’s definitely easier than updating your blog with your favorite looks.

Sharing good deals and great buys

A great thing about Pintrest is if you post a description with a price, it’ll add the price to the top of the pin. That makes it really easy and simple to share great buys, like the lace shirt from BCBGMAXAZRIA I found and pinned above. It also includes a link to the item.
How do you plan on using Pintrest as a fashion blogger?

  • CharisaB

    I also recently became totally addicted to Pinterest! Thanks for sharing these tips! <3

    • Christa Marzan

      No problem! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  • Garden Seed

    Great share. Thanks.

  • guest

    totally agree with you..pinterest has become my new favorite obsession :)

  • pumulo kasaji

    totally agree..pinterest has become my new fun obsession :)