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Best Dresses for Wedding Season

This guest post was written by Jill D’Urso.

The invitations start rolling in when there’s still snow on the ground, but summer is officially wedding season. With those invitations comes the “What am I going to wear?” panic. Wedding season can be especially challenging if you’re attending more than one wedding, and even more so if those weddings are attended by the same social groups. You want to avoid wearing the same dress twice, but the cost of buying a new dress for each wedding adds up fast!

Luckily, all three weddings I’m attending this wedding season will not have any guests in common, so I allowed myself one new dress—that I will wear to all three weddings. My dress was on clearance at Lord & Taylor, and was exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to wear it!

For those of you still in the throes of wedding season attire anxiety, I put together a short list of great dresses for under $100.

ModCloth Day Moon Dress, $59.99

Oasis Twist One Shoulder Dress, $83.00

Jessica Simpson Belted V-Neck Dress, $79.99

French Connection Black Magic Dress, $79.99

Zara Striped Dress, $99.90


Which one is your favorite?

  • Krazzycool

    I love the mod cloth one, I actually just purchased one of their dresses for my cousins wedding at the end of July. :]

    • Christa Marzan

      I love the ModCloth one, too! I bet the one you got is beautiful :) thanks for reading and commenting!

  • J

    For some reason, despite everything else about her, Jessica Simpson can put out some fashionable clothes…

    • Christa Marzan

      Hi J!

      I totally agree. I love the dress here from her! Surprising, right?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  • Anita

    I think the one shoulder purple one is my favorite with the sparkly one close behind.

    One question I have is, what’s the rule of thumb on wedding attire? I know it depends on the kind of wedding (ex: church=more modest, outside vs. inside, suggested attire on invite), but that aside, how do you shine without outshining the bride?

    • Christa Marzan

      Hi Anita.

      The purple one is beautiful! I love them all, I can’t pick a favorite, though I think the sparkly French Connection might be my favorite by a slight bit.

      As for wedding attire, I get the vibe based on the invitation, whether or not it specifies the dress code (if you will). You can tell what the tone of the wedding will be based on the invitation, and that will help you figure out how to dress. I’ve only been to one wedding (and I was in it, so didn’t have much choice in my dress), but if the wedding is going to be in a church, I would wear a sweater or something for the ceremony, then ditch it for the party! For outdoor, bring a sweater just in case it’s chilly (unless it’s in the summertime). I feel that heels are a must, as well as a cute cocktail dress, but dress pants or a formal skirt and nice top would work too. I wouldn’t worry about outshining the bride…as much as you might think you are, it’s the bride’s day and no one will outshine her (in my opinion).

      I hope this helps! Feel free to email any more questions :) thanks for reading and commenting!


      • Anita

        Thanks for the helpful response, Christa! You made a lot of good points.

  • The Honeyroom

    I love striped dress and the purple dress I would totally wear either one of them!

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  • Garden Seed

    Interesting share. Thanks!!!