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Royal Wedding: LIVE BLOGGING

[April 28, 8:23 pm EST] I just decided that I’m going to do a live blog tomorrow for the Royal Wedding. The Daily Mail Online has great coverage on all the exciting festivities coming up. Updates tonight include: a possible Sarah Burton sighting at the hotel where Kate Middleton and family are spending the night before the wedding, and the princes will be wearing military attire (yum). Also, absolutely in love with this recently released photo of William & Kate printed in their wedding program (taken by Mario Testino, again).

This live blogging thing should be fun :)

Photo from

[April 28, 10:16 pm EST] Still awake. Waiting for 30 Rock to come on at 10:30, then hitting the sack. Hoping to be up by 4:45-5 a.m. tomorrow for an hour of church arrivals before the big event. Fingers crossed. Womp womp.

[April 28, 10:29 pm EST] My 12 year old brother just set his alarm so he can watch the royal wedding with us. I’ve never been so proud in my life.

[April 29, 4:57 am EST] Actually awake. Trying to dig up some pictures of the guests. I hear Victoria and David Beckham look the best so far. Also, loving all the hats.

[April 29, 5:05 am EST] According to CNN’s Richard Palmer, 2.16 million people in the US and UK have updated their Facebook statuses about the wedding. Also, just saw a picture of the Beckhams. Victoria can do no wrong.

[April 29, 5:10 am EST] William and Kate will be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Where are William and Harry?

[April 29, 5:13 am EST] The men are finally on their way. Love the military uniforms. I can’t believe how many people are lining the procession route!

[April 29, 5:24 am EST] Love the gloves with the uniforms. William looks nervous, and only wearing one medal. Harry is wearing 2 because he fought in Afghanistan.

[April 29, 5:29 am EST] Carole Middleton (mother of the bride) is wearing a blue Catherine Walker gown.

[April 29, 5:31 am EST] “Nothing like a bus full of royals.” Meredith Vieria.

[April 29, 5:39 am EST] Prince Charles and Camilla are on their way. Camilla’s hat looks awesome.

[April 29, 5:42 am EST] Prince Andrew’s daughter’s hats are definitely some of the best so far.

[April 29, 5:43 am EST] The Queen and Prince Phillip are on the move. She looks adorable.

[April 29, 5:48 am EST] Bridesmaids are wearing white and the fellas are wearing military uniforms. I die.

[April 29, 5:51 am EST] THERE SHE IS. Long veil, lace sleeves, hair down. Gorgeous.

[April 29, 5:55 am EST] Kate Middleton is wearing a tiara borrowed from the Queen. She looks like a princess. Absolutely stunning.

[April 29, 5:57 am EST] The future Queen of England is riding in Queen Elizabeth’s 1950 rolls Royce.

[April 29, 6:00 am EST] She’s arrived. Gorgeous bells at the Abbey. Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designed the dress (as it should be). Amazing.

[April 29, 6:06 am EST] The procession has begun. How is Kate so calm?

[April 29, 6:09 am EST] Picture from CNN of Kate arriving at Westminster Abbey. I’m dying.

[April 29, 6:23 am EST] Prince William and Catherine Middleton are now husband and wife! Sarah Burton designed Pippa’s bridesmaids dress and Kate’s shoes as well.

[April 29, 6:32 am EST] Love the children’s choir.

[April 29, 6:35 am EST] The Bishop of London notes how wonderful it is that everyone on every continent can share is this wonderful day and happy occasion. I think he’s absolutely right.

[April 29, 6:44 am EST] The details of Kate Middleton’s exquisite wedding gown have been revealed.

[April 29, 7:00 am EST] Grace Kelly is trending worldwide on Twitter. Can’t imagine why…(sarcasm).

[April 29, 7:04 am EST] Lovely picture of Pippa Middleton from Lucky Magazine.

[April 29, 7:06 am EST] If Diana were alive, she would look spectacular today.

[April 29, 7:17 am EST] This whole day has been nothing short of a fairytale. The horse drawn carriage back to Buckingham Palace? I’m dying.

[April 29, 7:34 am EST] I now have an hour to get ready for work before the kiss.

[April 29, 7:50 am EST] Just saw a picture of Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s girlfriend. She definitely could have looked better.

[April 29, 8:24 am EST] Duchess Catherine just mouthed “Oh wow” when she saw all the people waiting outside of Buckingham Palace. And there is it!

[April 29, 8:27 am EST] ANOTHER KISS WOOHOO!

[April 29, 3:43 pm EST] A first look at Kate Middleton’s second wedding gown, which is another Sarah Burton creation. More pictures here. I love it.

April 28, 2011   3 Comments

Why I’m Waking Up at 5 a.m. Tomorrow Morning

The day is finally here. The wedding that everyone’s been buzzing about since the engagement was announced in November. Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton are tying the knot tomorrow morning, and honestly, I can’t wait to watch.

Photo from

No, I don’t know the couple personally. No, the couple will not be the future king and queen of my country. Yes, I am a sucker for weddings.

More importantly, I am thankful for this one glimmer of hope and happiness in a world of distress and strife. The love between William and Kate seems real to me; probably, as a result, of waiting so long before actually getting engaged. I’m excited to see how Diana’s, William’s late mother, legacy will live on in her son’s wedding and beyond. I cannot WAIT to see what Kate’s gown looks like (and my fingers crossed that it’s designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen). I want to witness history when the first commoner in over 300 years weds a member of the royal family. Doesn’t every girl dream of becoming a princess? More importantly, doesn’t every girl dream of eventually falling in love?

So, while many of you will be sleeping, or boycotting, or laughing at those of us who wake up, or starting a drinking game on Friday morning because of all the media mentions, I’ll be planted in front of my television with my English Breakfast tea, my fanciest hat paired with my cutest pj’s, with a box of tissues nearby as I watch one lucky girl’s dreams come true.

April 28, 2011   2 Comments

Star Style File: Dianna Agron from “Glee”

The cast of Glee is filming all week in the city, and lucky for me and my family (New York City friends, I hear that the cast will be filming at Lincoln Center and the Gershwin Theatre as well), we happened to be driving my sister back to Brooklyn after a nice Easter break. Naturally, our first stop was over to Times Square where we heard Glee was set up for the day. It. Was. Awesome.

Anyway, it turns out that Dianna Agron’s dress that she was wearing for the day is a frock designed by Tracy Reese in her Plenty line, which is available at Anthropologie.

Photo from

One of my shots, taken on my iPhone

I absolutely LOVE this dress. It’s so beautiful, and perfect for a spring wedding, graduation ceremony, or party. My favorite part has to be the lining underneath that gives it a bit of a swing, which adds an old fashioned, romantic feel.

Mompos Dress by Plenty by Tracy Reese (photo from

Recreating this outfit is simple, especially since the warmer months are coming and are bringing lots of bright colors. The only thing that I question are the tights and the shoes, so I picked a different option for that part.

St. John Collection Topper (photo from (finding a bright orange trench/raincoat proved to be more difficult that I thought, so if you come across any, let me know!)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Webster Wallet Clutch (photo from

Nine West Danne Pump (photo from

April 26, 2011   7 Comments

It’s Easy Being Green: 5 Ways to Stay Chic this Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and as you’ve noticed, there’s been a huge push towards sustainability and care for the earth (as there should be). Now, more than ever, brands and companies are offering ways for you to do your part, by purchasing products that were made with environmental responsibility in mind. Check out my recommendations for staying chic, yet responsible, this Earth Day, and every day. Environmental responsibility should be something we think about every day, not just today.

New Garnier Fructis Pure Clean products

Photo from

Not only are these products biodegradable, but the bottles are made from 50% consumer recycled plastic.

Recycle with TerraCycle and NBC

Photo from

Terracycle, a local business (Trenton, NJ, represent!), has teamed up with NBC to promote recycling. Drop off any recyclable goods to any NBC community bins in your area and Terracycle will turn it into something new.

Shop BCBGMAXAZRIA Earth Day products and 20% will be donated to The Sierra’s Club

Photo from

BCBGMAXAZRIA is a big advocate of sustainability, as they did a promotion like this last year. Shop the collection of Earth Day products, ranging from notebooks with recycled paper to gorgeous shoes and dresses, and 20% of your purchase goes to The Sierra Club, which helps to preserve and protect the earth.

Donate Used Running Shoes has a great list of places and organizations where you can send old running shoes instead of throwing them out.

Free Starbucks coffee when you bring in a reusable coffee mug

Today, Starbucks if offering free coffee or tea when you bring in a reusable mug. Don’t have one? Pick one up for 20% off today.

April 22, 2011   6 Comments

Style Debate: The Jumpsuit

The jump suit. Let’s discuss.

French Connection (photo from

Express (photo from

My friend Bonnie inspired me to write this post by sending me this picture of Kim Kardashian sport a tan jumpsuit.

Photo from

Honestly, I’m torn on this look. On the one hand, I think it looks a little “painter”-ish (for some reason, I envision a painter wearing this kind of stuff to work…) and I don’t think that’s cute. It also looks like a lot of work to get on and off, and I generally like things that don’t require too much effort on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, I think that the right color, cut, and fit could make it kind of stylish. Just a little bit. But overall, I think I’ll pass. I mean, I’m finally just getting on board with rompers, and that took a longgggg time.

Now, I ask you guys. What do you think of the jumpsuit look? How do you wear it in your life?

April 21, 2011   5 Comments

Esprit d’Oscar Launches via Facebook & The Vogue Influencer Network

Prestigious fashion house Oscar de la Renta, a favorite here on Fresh Squeezed, is a luxury retail brand to really embrace technology and, more importantly, use it properly to increase brand awareness (and much more, I’m sure). That’s why it was no surprise to hear that the brand was launching its first fragrance in 10 years through Facebook by offering fans 5,000 samples of the new scent, called Esprit d’Oscar, on its fan page.

Photo from

The fragrance was also promoted through The Vogue Influencer Network, which I am a part of, and members were given the opportunity to obtain a sample of the fragrance as well. Naturally, I jumped on the chance to do so.

I received a cute little package from Erika Bearman, Vice President of Communications at Oscar de la Renta, with this lovely note and sample of the new fragrance.

The fragrance itself is light, floral, and feminine. With notes of jasmine, violet, lemon, and amber, this is the perfect scent for the spring and summer months with your favorite sun dress, a big hat, and your most glamorous sunglasses.

The bottle of the fragrance is equally as feminine. It completely fits with the fragrance; floral and simple, yet timeless.

Photo from

Simply perfect. Congrats to Oscar de la Renta’s Communications and Marketing team for a successful launch!

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New Obsession: Stella & Dot Jewelry

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a jewelry junkie, so I was thrilled when my mother told me she was hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show at our home.

Stella & Dot, started in 2003, then called Luxe Jewels, with CEO and Founder Jessica Herrin creating jewelry in her San Francisco apartment. Blythe Harris joined in 2007 and helped Jessica form what is know know as Stella & dot, named after their grandmothers. Since then, Stella & Dot’s sales have surpased $100 million and was named the 67th fastest growing company by Inc. 500. Many Stella & Dot pieces have been featured in magazines such as Lucky, InStyle, Marie Claire, O Magazine, and more.

Stella & Dot’s jewelry style ranges from classic to modern, bright colors to muted, enamel to crystal, chunky to simple, and everything in between. I wish I could say there’s a piece I don’t like, but unfortunately (well, for my bank account…), I love everything. I love that the company draws inspiration from so many different cultures, styles, colors to bring a wide variety of products that will appeal to anyone.

I had to restrain myself quite a bit, but here are a few of my favorite pieces available from Stella & Dot. I think I need all of them. Fo realsies.

Bamboleo Necklace, $228 (my favorite thing)

Jasmine Stackable Rings, $39 (stylist price: $19)

Deco Drop Earrings, $44

Stella Vintage Link Bracelet- Gold, $89

If you see anything you absolutely can’t live without, before you shop, go to and click on ‘Find Your Hostess’ and type in Sharon Smith. That way, my mom can get credit for her party which will mean free swag! Also, there are some stylist discounts (as you can see above) if you have a hostess/stylist, and who doesn’t love discounts?

April 12, 2011   1 Comment

Make Yourself: Following Up With New Year’s Resolutions

April’s Nike Women Make Yourself Movement prompt:

Did you follow through with your New Year’s Resolutions? How will you approach and/or modify them for the remainder of the year?

Loaded question, dontcha think?

Luckily, I look at my “resolutions” as “goals,” and I think it takes the pressure off a bit. So, here’s how I’ve been doing so far and how I plan on seeing my goals through the end of 2011.

  1. Read more: I decided that this year, I would read more. This year, I’ve finished 2 books- Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella and Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner- and I’m almost finished with Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. by Sam Wasson. When I’m done with Fifth Avenue, I plan on reading [my favorite person ever] Tina Fey’s new memoir, Bossypants, which was just released yesterday (and I’m sure I’ll tear through that one in a day or 2). New book suggestions are always welcome!
  2. Participate in the Broad Street Run (10 mile race): Still working on that one, since my race isn’t until May 1. I did a 5K in March to get some race experience and loved it, so I am sure I will do more races once the 10 miler is complete.
  3. Travel: Traveling is always on my New Year’s Resolution list. I’ve already been to Baltimore and New York City a handful of times, and I’m going to Hawaii in May to visit my friend Katie (of Flow Motion Life). I hope to spend some time down the shore this summer and end the year with a long weekend in San Francisco, Chicago, or Orlando.
  4. Wear more bling: Since writing this post, I have definitely stepped up my bling game. With killer jewelry sales at Lord & Taylor all the time, I KNOW I’ll be able to keep this resolution going!

How are you doing with your 2011 resolutions?

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A Gift from Brahmin & The Vogue Influencer Network

A little bit ago, I was invited to join The Vogue Influencer Network on Facebook, where members “Know it first. Share it first.” It took me a few weeks to figure out how things work and what we’re supposed to “know and share first,” but I finally got into the swing of things. Basically, the manager of the Vogue Influencer Network, Zoe Wilson, sends its members emails alerting us to limited supply samples available from a variety of fashion and beauty brands. I always missed the samples, and always wanted to kick myself.

One day, I saw that the sample offered the next day was from Brahmin. Determined not to miss out on another sample, I went on and requested a sample from Brahmin, expecting it to be a key chain, change purse, or something like that. Boy, was I surprised with that I received.

I know, right?!

This bag- the Anytime Tote- is a beautiful, soft leather with gold hardware accents and is beautifully lined on the inside. There are pockets and pouches inside to help keep me organized, which my small Longchamp that I was using before did not do. It still has that new leather smell, which I absolutely love. I mean, what’s not to love about a free bag…let alone, one of this quality?

The Anytime Tote is not available in stores yet. It will be available online on April 15 and hits Brahmin and department stores this May.

This is definitely the perfect bag for spring and summer, and I am so thankful and lucky to have received it. Thank you, Brahmin and The Vogue Influencer Network!

April 4, 2011   9 Comments